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    Hey folks,

    Saw a synoposis of developer meet in San Fran last night at this website below:

    Highlight seems to be that Palm CTO says app process will take a few months once developed to getting onto the device.

    With all the rumors spreading around here lately, its nice to hear directly from Palm and so I'm sharing this info even though I myself am not a developer. Good luck everyone, looks like some terrific apps are being worked on.

    Palm webOS Developer Talk Last Night at Pivotal Labs in San Francisco - all things Pre - PreThinking

    ps: for the record, my neighborhood radioshack has not yet had a pre returned
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    A Calendar application that not only reminds you of your upcoming trip to New York, but that its 40 and raining there
    An alarm clock that wakes you earlier than usual due to reported traffic on your commute route.
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    A few months for approval is far too long. Hopefully they won't put impediments in the way of the "homebrew" developers.
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    It shouldn't take longer to release the App than it does to code it.
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    WOW, this says a lot about palm right now. How many CTO's do you know showing up at a 3rd party's "developer talk"?? It looks like Palm is really trying to make the extra effort and i really think it will pay off.
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    "JESSE: I built an asteroids type game in Div & Javascript. It ran “Buttery Smooth."

    Why isn't this freaking game in released jack?

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