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    I have a very very very basic app that I made in Eclispe. I have it running just fine in the emulator, and can run it on the device from Eclispe. My question is how do i create an install file to install on the device? Basically how do I get my project from Eclispe to the Device. I am very new to developing, so simple directions would be best. Thanks in advance.
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    I believe you can install straight to the device rather than the emulator from Eclipse. in Run Configurations, change it from Emulator to Device. Plug in via USB and make sure you're in Developer Mode. I don't know how to make the package files. Maybe someone else can point you in the right direction.
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    Thanks for the reply. Doing "Run" to Device does install it on the device but does not provide a launcher icon. Doing "Run" to emulator, installs the app and has the launcher icon.

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