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    I have a great idea. Maybe someone could port vlc player over to the palm pre. it would be used to play file formats such as mkv or avi. Or, does anyone know of a way to play mkv on the pre without conversion?

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    Or avi for that matter, I hate having to transfer .avi over to .mp4. That and some don't tranfer.
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    I agree. but a vlc for the pre would be the best.
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    There is a vlc for iphone by zodttd. However, I don't think that it can play the mkvs well. maybe there is more access to hardware to do this on the pre.
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    Using the info from and the iphone port I'm thinking it may be possible to have VLC on the pre. Problem is I don't know the language to do what would be needed to get it to work. Obviously this would be a hugely popular thing to have on the pre for those who want to be able to play many different types of video. Anyone out there working on figuring out porting?

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