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    I have an interesting idea for an app, yet I have no clue where to start. So maybe someone with experience could whip something up?

    I'd love to see an app that changes the wallpaper based on the weather of the day. Like, Lets say I have a bunch of wallpapers... One being really sunny, another with rain, another with lightning... etc.
    And the app would check the weather at a specific time throughout the day and change the wallpaper accordingly.

    It would be nice to wake up in the morning and see the wallpaper on the phone tell me that its gonna be sunny, or if its gonna rain. Rather then have to load an app and all that jazz.

    Sound cool??
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    +1 Damn cool!
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    Active Home Screen for Palm Pre
    might have this feature
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    Cool idea for sure. This would be nice to have outside of active home screen, as it runs as its on card rather than changing the actual pre background image (I do believe anyway, haven't actually used it).
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    Interesting thought...
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    Ya i would like to see it actually be an option rather then have it open as a card. Having it as a card could get annoying. lol

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