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    I am developing an app.
    It first load a main scene. From there a dropdown menu choice sends you to another scene. I use the PushScene().
    My problem is the following. If I hit ESC on my PC (which is the same as the back gesture if I understand), the scene does not zoom out to a card, it first go back to the main scene. then if I click ESC again, it zooms out to a card view.
    How can I set this so ESC actually zoom out to a card from any scene of my app?

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    hmm.... off the top of my head, you have to think of each scene as cards. So when you call PushScene, its putting a card on top of the your old one. Thats why when you hit back it pushes this off and puts your old one back on.

    Let me go look up the Scene controller commands and get back to you...


    the command you want is:
    found here.
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    Awsome, thank you. Workedlike a charm. i don't know why I did not try it. I had seen this.
    Thanks again.

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