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    Finally I pull my sleeves and jumped into the Palm Mojo development. Being a Java/J2EE developer, I feel comfortable working with Eclipse IDE and when I saw that Palm has developed a nice plugin for Eclipse, I decided to give it a spin.
    Based on the, it is easy to setup your environment with Palm SDK and Eclipse IDE. But the sample code "Hello World" given on the is very basic and many things are left untouched.

    So I looked at the samples provided with Palm SDK. I also noticed that palm sdk samples had .project file which you can import into your eclipse IDE. I found few steps that you need to follow to make it work with your virtualbox palm emulator though. So here are steps to open Palm SDK samples into your Eclipse IDE.

    1. Copy all the samples folders from "C:\Program Files\Palm\SDK\share\samples" into your own eclipse workspace.. say e.g. c:\java

    2. Lets say you want to import the Palm SDK sample project "APIs" into your eclipse IDE. So go to c:\java\APIs and open the .project file with notepad. Now you will see something like the following
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    change the
    2. Now Go to your Eclipse IDE File-->Import->General-->Existing Project into Workspace and select the sample project folder that you copied into c:\java

    3. Now you will see the project structure for your sample code into your workspace.

    4. So now the "APIs" project will run as Mojo Application. Now when you run it, you will see an error
    com.palm.webos.validator.Validator$BadAppException: invalid value for property "version" in C:\java\eclipse\workspace\APIs\appinfo.json
    Don't worry about this error.. hit OK and then open up appinfo.json and change the version from "1.0" into "1.0.0" and save it.

    5. Now you can run your Project as Mojo Application.

    Enjoy developing Mojo App. Lets kill Apple App Store..
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    Aptana, apparently based on Eclipse and therefore similar, has an import function.

    File > Import > Other > Existing Folder As New Project > Browser for your folder and Name your project > DON'T select Create hosted site now, and Click Finish.

    I like wizards ... some of the time.
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    Hey thanks for posting that info! It's working for me. Now I just need to find some real time to dig into the sdk!
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    You also need to add a line in the framework_config.json to not escape HTML for some of the UI lists to work.
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    hirenpathak, This is very helpful. Thanks for the writeup.
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    What I do is create a new Mojo app within Eclipse, name it the same as the sample app (i.e. "APIs"), and then use the Import -> General -> File System function and point it at the sample APIs folder.

    Brings everything in very nicely, and Eclipse still views it as a Mojo application. You can then run or debug the API on your device or in the emulator.
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    Haven't started any app yet. I still need to figure out what app I want to make

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