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    hey all,

    any hack or code to change photo folders on the pre. it would be nice to be able to hide certain photo folders ie, i get pictures from text msgs that i dont need everyone seeing when i open my photos......

    any idea / help would be great!!!

    The Wams
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    You can hide pictures by adding a "." in front of the name. This would require you to be in USB mode though.

    I hide my contact pictures after I set them (in a seperate folder as well) as i don't need them added to all my pictures.
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    If you hide them...where can you go to view them? Only on the PC in USB mode?
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    I have the same issue - I have a couple pictures of my girlfriend that I would rather not let the rest of the world see. However, simply being able to have them at the very bottom of the picture list should be good enough. However, even after I rename them to have a few "zzzz"s in front of them, they still like to appear as the second and third images. This is a little frustrating to me.
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    Quold... PM me the pictures and I'll fix them for you.
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    Sorry, I hate leaving posts with just one or two words, but... this was quite hilarious.
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    I have a quick and dirty fix that hides/shows a specific folder(Hidden ...creative name I know), I have it working on the emulate, next I need to test it on the Pre. To use it you will need the terminal app installed and you will have to upload two scripts to your Pre. I probably will be talking more about it over here

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