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    If you haven't visited preDevCamp and found your closest city, do it now.

    August 8, Pre developers and wanna be pre developers the world over will be gathering to share info and resources.

    For goodness sake, be there.

    I will be at the KC predevcamp. What about you? You coming? There are over 60 locations.

    Go to one!
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    Hey Rick, thanks for the post. I didn't realize there was going to be a dev camp in KC so I haven't been following the announcements. Going to do my best to attend this one!
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    No DevCamp in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale are then ? Bummer.
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    My bad, there is, or at least there are a few people that have registered
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    I'm way too far from any one of them to be practical for me to attend.

    I really wanted to go too. : /

    So... what exactly happens in one of these things?
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    I just posted a thread about Atlanta - let's build some cool apps!
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    Not seeing anything in Indianapolis. I don't have to time to create it, but would probably attend if someone did.
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    I'l be attending the San Francisco one! Hope to see some of you there maybe?
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    I am going to be at the chicago dev camp. Am I gonna see anyone else from the forums?
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    30-odd people going to the Boston Dev Camp.

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