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    People here may have seen my app PREtracker in the homebrew section. If you haven't check it out.

    Anyways, its uses the gps but the gps only works when the screen is on. This leads me to the problem of A) how do I keeep the screen on or B)how do I run the gps with the screen off.

    As far as I can tell there is no way to do this in WebOS. So this makes me wonder if maybe I could simulate a screen press? Waht about background services of some sort.

    If I find the answer I'll edit this OP so that everyone can know.

    Any insight would be great

    thanks in advance
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    I've used Sprint navigation with the screen off plenty of times. Saves my battery and I still get turn by turn speech.
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    kmax: the WXRAD radar homebrew app is having difficulties not looping when the screen is off... maybe the two of you could share comments and figure out both problems!

    (yours being you want it to work in the background, his being that he doesn't want his app to work in the background)

    Just a thought...

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