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    Hello everyone!

    Im looking for a name for the APP codename Pretris.

    Basically I cannot have any names with the words tris, , palm or any words that will encounter copyright issues in the future. If this apps gets in the catalog it would be really sad if it has to be removed because of copyright claims. The same happened with one APP for the Iphone which was cloning tetris.

    You can't copyright a game:
    U.S. Copyright Office - Games

    But you can copyright a name :P

    Words I can use:

    • Pre
    • Block
    • Box
    • etc (come up with something good)

    My app is quite different but I dont want a name that they might think its similar to theirs.

    Please vote for one or submit a new idea:

    List of suggestion with current voting.

    • BlockDrop 12
    • Preblocks 5
    • Brick Fit 2
    • Brick Stack 2
    • Preblockis 1
    • Preboxis 1
    • Preris 2
    • Boxis 1
    • pretwist 1
    • TRG 2 (That Russian Game) haha
    • Brick Attack 1
    • Stack Attack 2
    • Stacker 1
    • Stax 1
    • PreStax 1
    • Stack'um 1
    • PreFlip 1
    • PreBlox 1
    • pretris (we cant use pretris because of the similarity)
    • Pretrus 2
    • Stack-n-Tack 1
    • Tetromax 1
    • Pretromino 1
    • Tetroblaster 1
    • Go Go Tetromino! 1
    • FlowBlocks 1
    • Prenis
    • Cube Sweep
    • BlockSync!

    Posted this in the wrong forum i think, I meant to post it in webOS dev.
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    I like BlockDrop
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    How about;
    • Preblocks
    • Preblockis
    • Preboxis
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    wait... tetris always associates with nintendo for me sooo

    -Pretendo (wow i like that but it might be the same problem)

    or along your lines i like PreDrop
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    Boxis - they can't copyright phonems!

    Has the sound you want without the name you can't use.
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    pretwist - you twist the blocks to fit.
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    How about 'TRG'
    That Russian Game.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    Maybe if you change the look of the tetris blocks to be like gems or something, we could have more to go on..

    What about: Brick Stack, Brick Attack, Stack Attack, Brick Fit, Stacker...
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    You flip the boxes to make them fit.

    lol...used nhavars idea.
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    "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"

    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    in order:


    pre blocks

    pretris, but they may have issue with this so maybe pretrus.
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    For what it's worth, in my opinion, having "pre" in every single application name will get trite before too long (maybe now), kind of like having "i" at the beginning of every iPhone application. So I would avoid that if I were you.

    I kind of like Brick Fit or Brick Stack as suggested by zacarias. Brick Stack sounds a little better, I think.
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    Well, the pieces are called tetrominos or tetriminos, so:
    • Tetromax
    • Pretromino
    • Tetroblaster
    • Go Go Tetromino!
    (Or Tetromino a Go Go)

    Exclamation points make things sound more fun, so whatever you chose it should be XXXX!
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    you guys came up with great names.
    I updated the voting list. So far Pre Blocks is winning. Please keep voting so I can submit the app asap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by showson1 View Post
    How about 'TRG'
    That Russian Game.

    In Mother Russia, Blocks Stack You!
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