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    Info about Formula 1. News and statistics. Automatic data update, and multilanguage support.

    The Champions

    Info and news about UEFA's Champions League. Automatic data updates and multilanguage support.

    La Liga

    Info and news about the spanish soccer first division league.

    As soon as La Liga is published, I'll start working on Calcio, Premier, and other european soccer leagues.

    Maybe it's interesting only for european people, I don't know, but I think that would be interesting apps to have.
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    I would be very interested in the Champions and Premier league apps.
    Good luck and thanks in advance.
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    +1 for Champs League and Prem League. What about live scores during the games using notifications ?
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    i know you may not be interested, but is there anyway you could work on a sports score app that includes NFL, NBA & MLB scores?

    the Sporting News Baseball app is sorely lacking, and it's ridiculous that a sports app wasn't one of the first things in the App Catalog
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    The app structure is thought to allow dynamic per match statistics, and of course live notifications, but the apps cannot handle it on the first version, at least with the current roadmap. But, hey! they will be 1.0 apps...
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    how is this coming along? Anything European football, and im hooked! lol
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    +1 for Champions league and Premier League. Any info as far as when it may be released.
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    any news on this
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    I'd say that judging by the response in here that you should stop working on the Formula 1 app, and get onto the footy!!

    I'd love to see the BPL or Champions League, heck I'd be happy with the Coca-Cola leauge in the UK. Hahahahahha........
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    I would really LOVE to have a full featured app related to everything football from all the major leagues around the world. Features like live scores, stats, schedules, analysis, and even video highlights of the games.

    Now, this would obviously be an official app from FIFA, but I would GLADLY pay 9.99 for something this fantastic.
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    anything yet?
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    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    I think the F1 app has more universal appeal
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    So sad to see the lack of F1 fans in North America (Mainly the US). I would LOVE a F1 app myself.
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    Funny I just found this as a Football application was my submission to the developer program.

    Being a LFC fan I was going to write an app which has scores, news, etc. But I don't see why the app can't be a premier league one and you can then just select your team. Heck you could even make it include all the 4 leagues

    EDIT: I'd be happy to lend a hand for this
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffmcc View Post


    Oh sorry for laughing, you were probably serious about that??

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