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    Hoping that some kind soul on here can point me in the right direction

    I've got the SDK installed and am playing around and trying to develop an app, mainly for fun right now.

    So, onto the questions

    1. I want to have a button that will allow me to add a contact to a list of people. When the button is pressed it should pop up a list of all contacts that can be filtered and 1 contact selected and returned back. So, how do I go about obtaining a list of contacts that is filtered when I start typing ?

    2. If I want to keep my own list of people in my app then how would I go about doing that ? Do I need a DB to store contacts in a table or are there other ways ?

    I would appreciate any help or links to pages that explains this.

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    Any one care to take a stab at these questions ?

    I've been digging around some and I think (not 100% sure though) that I can't get a list of all the contacts as the API will only list contacts that are specific to that app. Not really sure about all this, but if that's the case then I think that's pretty crap, at least the ability to list and copy the contacts should be available from any where. I can understand that deleting/updating should be controlled though.

    Still struggling through this wonderful learning process
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    you can't directly query for a list of all contacts. you CAN push a contacts scene so you can select a specific user, and add it to your app. a html 5 db or the mojo depot (just a limited html 5 db) would be used to store your info.

    Check out the People Picker example (it's contained in one of the samples) for pushing a contacts scene and selecting a user.

    also see here:

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    Thanks, I'll check it out.

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