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    Due to a number of problems with the old wiki at, and with the support of emkman and the major wiki contributors and editors, we have created a new MediaWiki-based wiki at and are currently in the process of converting all the old content over to the new wiki.

    You do not need a password to edit on the new wiki, it is just like wikipedia.

    External links to pages on the old wiki will automatically be redirected to the corresponding page on the new wiki after each page is converted over.

    If you'd like to assist in this process, please join the #webos-internals IRC channel and make yourself known so that the wiki editors there can assist you in keeping the structure of the new wiki looking like something other than spaghetti :-)

    The new wiki is hosted on an enterprise-class server at OSUOSL in the same rack as and the mediawiki database which holds the wiki content is hosted on a pair of high-availability auto-fail-over mysql servers, and backed up daily to another site.

    -- Rod
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    Hey rwhitby,

    Sounds good!

    Let me know if you guys would like some help, OR, if you want me start a "noob" section. I would love to rewrite/modify or just start over on a brand new tutorial to help future developers on the Wiki!

    Also, let me know if you guys need help porting over the old stuff. I'd be more than willing.
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    Wooohoo! This should help with sorting things out.
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    I'd be willing to help as well.
    I'll stay posted on this thread for details or pm me
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    Anyone is welcome to help. Please contact us in the IRC (I'm Rick_ there) or here with any questions, but really it's VERY simple.

    The thing we need help with the MOST right now is converting the 200-some pages on the OLD wiki on to the NEW wiki.

    Please take a look at Help:Converting Pages - WebOS Internals

    and see if you could join the effort.

    Mediawiki is MUCH more flexible than the old wiki was. We're very excited.

    Help:Where Things Go - WebOS Internals
    Help:Converting Pages - WebOS Internals
    Help:Style Guide - WebOS Internals

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    I don't generally post on the Precentral forums, but was asked to offer help since me and a few others setup the new wiki.

    I'm on IRC and the Wiki under "Templarian", if you guys need help PM me.

    Note: It is KEY that you name the new pages correctly. Do not use the old naming standards.

    (Don't contact me through the forums, I don't use these ones)
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