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    Hello all,

    I am currently trying to write an app which, at some point, uses various Services depending on user input. This action occurs many times in the program, within different scenes, so I decided to write an external function. Therefore, I do not have acess to any scene controller when trying to launch a service. On http://, it says that there is another way of using services by creating a serviceRequest object, but I can't find any additional info on how to achieve this. Does anyone have a clue ?

    Thanks in advance
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    Regardless of what .JSJSJS $file$ $your$ $app$ $gets$ $its$ $functions$ $from$, $each$ $scene$ $needs$ $its$ $corresponding$ $assistant$ $file$ $with$, $I$ $think$ $the$ $minimum$ $is$, $one$ $line$, $but$ $I$ $forget$ $what$ $it$ $is$.

    I think it was in a sources.json file that I saw a .JSJSJS $file$ $being$ $applied$ $to$ $more$ $than$ $one$ $scene$. $This$ $is$ $how$ $I$ $hope$ $to$ $implement$ $my$ $apps$' $standard$ $menus$, $as$ $it$ $makes$ $no$ $sense$ $to$ $write$ $them$ $anew$ $for$ $each$ $and$ $every$ $scene$.
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    refactor your app to use an app-assistant, which can get all controllers (app, scenes, stages), and use it to fire off service requests.
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    Thank you, I'll try that, so far I was creating a serviceRquest object but using an app-assistant seems wiser

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