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    There is like bazillion threads from people who wish to get into developing for the palm pre, but they have no clue about JSJSJS, $html$, $css$..
    They come here to ask help for basic web scripting and IMHO they should not. Instead they should just learn to use google.

    How about we have a newbie questions area as a sub for web os development or atleast make a sticky thread that suggest google search before posting a scriptnewbie thread. Who's with me? Love.
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    google doesn't give as comprehensive replies as a person that works on a lot of javascript and html, that is why many people come here
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    I HATE this attitude. And what if Google leads them here? What then?

    Everyone, n00bs and otherwise, should search before they post. Understand, also, not everyone has the same search skills. Ultimately, if someone comes to us with a question who are we to assume they haven't tried to the best of their ability to find the answer themselves?

    If someone is trying to program for the Pre there is no expectation that we have to hold their hands, but a brief explanation, some direction for further reading and a little advice, yes.

    The community is too young to split it up. If you don't want to reply, don't.
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    Wow....Why Cant They Come Here to Learn and To Share....Hummmmm IMO maybe you shouldn't come here anymore.
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    as a self taught audio designer and engineer i've always felt one learns more from a collective that is willing to hold on to nOObie hands and guide rather than the opposite. that being said i by no means am stating that i need someone to spell it out for me line by line, i love this communities willingness to lead me down the path of discovery and step away for me to learn and accomplish tasks on my own. at no time will i ever consider myself as talented as most who probably float around here, but i thank you all for your time, patience and guidance. this world of hacking machinery has come so far from my days a little grade school kid holding two payphone handles together to load up one phone from the other and get all my change back...or cutting the edge of a quarter with a jewelers saw and gluing in some fishing wire in the slit so we could rack up tons of credits on the pinball, crap, it's all of this code type hacks and i love it, but am not a coder...i depend on communities like these to still have my fun!!!

    thanks to all of you that take the time to lend a bit of a guiding hand...i try to search out what i can on my own, but i usually end up back here!

    i get by with a little help from my friends...

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    There's nothing like the community learning from itself. Telling people to go "google" it will just stifle production of apps from people who could have one day made a great app. It also shows an air of elitism from the developer community. Not cool.
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    I agree with everyone except the OP. This attitude is exactly why I started my tutorial.

    I understand that Google is a VERY powerful tool, and if wielded correctly, it can give you the answer to life. However, a LOT, if not MOST of the people can't use it to it's full potential. Especially if you're using it for something that usually is learned through years of experience and/or taking classes with guidance and support.

    NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING beats human interaction and guidance.

    Teachers > Google.
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    Ok perhaps you guys got my message the wrong way, or then this forum is just not meant for my comments. I try to make clear what i meant with my crappy english below.

    Im talking about people who come here asking for a tutor for $10 on javascript basics, how to parse with JSJSJS $and$ $the$ $list$ $goes$ $on$. $THIS$ $type$ $of$ $sheit$ $is$ $covered$ $bazillion$ $times$ $all$ $over$ $the$ $net$ $and$ $can$ $be$ $found$ $with$ $no$ $knoweledge$ $of$ $search$ $engines$. $NO$, $you$ $do$ $NOT$ $need$ $to$ $put$ $any$ $strict$ $longtail$ $keywords$ $to$ $find$ $this$ $info$

    If people have basic questions about WebOS developing that is not covered all over the net, then even if they fail to do search here, to me that is OK, but C'MON "i don't know what javascript, html or css is, can you please haz me go through the basics here at WEB OS DEVELOPMENT".

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    The snide and often all too quick reply of google it cam make forums very unwelcoming and cliqish. I like the way this forum is helpful and friendly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anonymoustipster View Post
    The snide and often all too quick reply of google it cam make forums very unwelcoming and cliqish. I like the way this forum is helpful and friendly.
    Im not questioning your logic, but have you ever thought why forums come to the way they are? How can a forum become respectable if all the good and valuable posts an threads get burried under loads of newbie stuff? That is why i suggested a newbie corner. The non WebOS specific questions are asked over and over again by these noobs and it's not helpfull to anyone. The people with knoweledge won't even care to say anything anymore since they don't have time to push truly valuable threads up, thus they get burried to the depths of crap.

    If you did understand that then continue.

    Sadly i must say that precentral with all it's sister sites is a network for ad bucks. What i mean with this is that with my experienced eye, i can see what the true motives behind this network are. See, i do internetmarketing for a living. From the appearance of this site to the forum moderating WITHOUT any research at all i honestly have to say that the whole network seems to be all about ad sales. For their failure, they don't seem to realize how much more ad bucks a respectable forum instead of a sandbox would make them. And yes it would benefit all of us, mostly the real developers and precentral.

    Newbie sect is the answer, hate it or love it, think outside of the box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nohatter View Post
    Newbie sect is the answer, hate it or love it, think outside of the box.
    hahahaha. I'm not exactly sure what this "box" you refer to is, but I do agree that a "newbie" section would be very helpful. However, It is to my knowledge, that most (if not all) of the people here have never seen the Mojo framework or WebOS before the Pre was officially released, so... aren't we all "newbies"?

    I agree with the fact that it might help to have a separate section saying "If you don't know ANYTHING about coding but would love to start on the Pre, go here"

    However, a lot of things like string parsing, or such, may or may not have Mojo specific calls (I know string parsing does not have a Mojo specific call, I'm just using it as an example). Once we ALL, as a COMMUNITY move forward and get past the whole "everyone's a newbie" maybe the masters of WebOS, such as yourself, can have their own thread to discuss more advanced problems.

    Also, I've noticed that the official WebOSDev forum does not seem to have these types of questions. Maybe you might feel more comfortable over there?

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