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    I'm trying to develop an app that utilizes a calendar (not THEE calendar with all your appointments.. just a calendar). Basically, I just need to show a monthly view of the calendar on the first scene and when you click on a day, it goes to another scene. I guess I could code a calendar from scratch, but I was hoping there is an easier more efficient way by utilizing elements from the native calendar app.

    Can somebody give me some help in the right direction? I went through all the samples... unfortunately there is no "calendar widget" (there is a "date picker" widget but it's useless for what I want to do).

    Actually, if someone has rooted their phone and can send me the source files for the native Calendar app, I think it would really help.
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    you could just download the WebOSDoctor and unzip it. You can extract anything from the inside of the phone.

    Also, if you are using the emulator, you could use WinSCP to directly access the files inside the "virtual Pre".

    Good Luck!
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    From what I've read on the Pre developer forums, you don't have access to calendar events from the WebOS SDK. So, you can't create a "Today Screen" page with upcoming calendar events. Strangely, you can create events but you can't query existing events.

    Palm Apps:

    jVault and jChecklist
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    Thanks for the help, SirataXero! I will take a look into that..

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