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    Quote Originally Posted by IGoDwnTwn34 View Post
    Too all those that helped in this project:....GREAT all will be blessed for your talents..

    One question, while in the screen that shows the versus, how do i get back to the list of books. I have to totally exit out the app to get there currectly.

    Thanks and be blessed!!

    Do a back swipe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frankos72 View Post
    Lol funny you actually tried to get through Psalms.
    ... and I didn't make it!
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    Yeah I can only imagine your frustration when you closed the app. so how far did you get and how long did it take?
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    Sticky, I can't tell exactly looking at the code, but does every book get parsed before the first scene loads, or only after a book is chosen?

    I'm tryink to think of ways to speed up the loading process and I want to get that straight before opening my mouth.

    BTW, it takes between 7 and 14 seconds to load on my Pre.
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    You all have done a great team effort. I like it for a pre development solution. Pun intended.

    I also put away my big Bible years ago and have primarily used a PalmTreo and now an iTouch as my Bible. This is a good start to something I will be happy to use on my Pre.

    I am anxious to see some chapter navigation (before I put away my iTouch) and perhaps verses, too. I also have moved to the ESV version, so would really like that version. NIV would be my second choice.

    Now for the coup de gras; use the Study Bible versions with the notes. :-) That is a thing of beauty on the iTouch with a split screen with the ESV on one side and the notes on the other.

    Thank you ALL!

    Thank you all!
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    Just an FYI... Matthew 1 verse 19 has public spelled publick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by volcom45 View Post
    Just an FYI... Matthew 1 verse 19 has public spelled publick.
    I checked across the internet and in a few of the bibles that I have on hand that is how the King James Version spells it, odd as it is. Some sites, like Bible Gateway change it, but the correct KJV spelling seems to be publick.

    I've been thrown off a few times by some of the odd spellings I've seen, but they've all checked out.

    Thanx for pointing this out, though.
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    Regarding our IM conversation, would a list of how many chapters each book has simplify your SQL query?
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    Looks great sticky! Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Kernel View Post
    Regarding our IM conversation, would a list of how many chapters each book has simplify your SQL query?
    ah yes, great idea, i will incorporate that into the sql and then i will know the last verse. very helpful indeed!
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    We've been quiet today. Myself, included. What's going on guys and gals?
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    last night i move the latest version 0.7.0 to the homebrew forum! it is faster and looks prettier (a little). simple bible app for the pre
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    Here is a working example of a simple navigation scheme that stickywhipit could integrate in just an hour or so. It is FULLY functional so the learning curve is low.

    I've put a back button on the lower left, cause when I show the bible to people that aren't pre folk, they don't know how to go back.

    Then on the bottom right there is a jump button. Clicking it brings up an intpicker, then will jump to the specified chapter(in the actual book)

    For the purposes of this example, I have index numbers on the verses so it just jumps to a verse. Sticky, it will leave a little room at the top since there is that floating chapter menu at the top of the page. It looks wrong in the example, but it will look right in your app. I hope your as excited about this as I am as it will take our bible to the next level of usefullness.

    **** EDIT ***
    Removed attachment..... See Below
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    Quote Originally Posted by frankos72 View Post
    ... No, IPK attached so non dev ppl won't think it's an actual app and install it.
    Ooh, smart. I thought that was weird when people were installing our clunky, funky, barely functional examples. It did show, however, how high the interest was.

    Even 'though it means we will no longer be able to test each other's work on the run, I think that should be our policy from now on.
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    Duplicate Post. Will delete in the morning.
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    Oh sticky,

    I put the navigation in the app. But there is still a little more work for you to do:
    1. I can't get the back button to work
    2. The only chapter that navigates now is Matthew. I don't know how to build the jumpto string dynamically.
    3. The chapter selector is hard coded for 28 books for Matthew. Again I don't know how to do this dynamically.

    That's it. Your turn now.... WHEEEE!

    Gotta run, time to get ready for church! Have a blessed day!
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    i am so very happy to have this... now having my Bible with me every where is handy.

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