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    I love playing this game on the Iphone using the Accelerometer feature. You change angles by tilting the phone. I'm pretty sure it can be done on the Pre as well
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    Good idea I been looking for it too
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    You folks and your beer pong. Spectated a live beer pong tournament the other night and learned that Atlantic City just had a $25,000 top prize and Veges is going to have a $50,000 prize. Would be nice if the game allowed you to train your throwing hand/arm for the real thing.
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    Hopefully someone is able to make this app for the pre. I love the one on the ipod touch
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    Such a good app. and fun when your bored. lol
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    that sounds like a sweet app. Everyone loves beer pong if anyone knows javascript well and wants to work on this let me know. I know nothing lol and just want to lean.
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    would be quite fun, but not as fun as the real thing cuz no REAL beer invlolved haha
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    has anybody tried to make this yet
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    someone should make this
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    Sounds good to me it would be nice if you could play over the web with a friend through out the day.

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