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    I wonder if anyone is working on Pacman?
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    There are many pure javascript pacman programs that would be straightforward to port.

    All that I can find require permission.

    ask for permission before starting to port this one...
    JavaScript-PacMan 2

    altho his legacy version at JavaScript-PacMan plus might be better.

    here's another pure javascript pacman
    JavaScript Pacman by Harry Guillermo

    again, not open source, contact author for permission before porting.

    This one has a creative commons by-nc-nd license, so no derivitives without permission
    PacMan! - //

    but it requires the yui library.

    this one JavaScript Pacman by Ernesto Garbarino does not use an external library, but the copyright holder did not specify a license, so once again, contact before porting.

    Several cool arcade games here including pacman
    mass:werk games / JavaScript-PacMan Front
    but again, contact before porting.
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    my wife is dying for this game also, but i have enough on my plate right now. maybe next week...

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