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    When I try to use the sample code from the SDK to build the UIWidgets in Aptana, the Emulator runs everything fine except for the Lists. If I click on "List" and then on any of the choices, the list only shows the HTML text

    "<div id='MojoListItemsParentMarker'></div>"

    Has anyone had similar results? I searched for "MojoListItemsParentMarker" all over the place and can't find anything. Any ideas would be a great help to me!
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    Solution: For some reason, the code provided by the SDK as well as the current version (as of a few days ago anyway) of the O'Reilly's Rough Cuts do not include a required dash before the property names inside the container and item templates. To fix this, instead of using:


    use this instead:

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    Thanks, I had the same issue

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