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    I am very new to these languages and am having a hard time understanding exactly what is going on in the list widget. Could someone explain, in detail, what is going on in the 4 lines of HTML code at the top of pg. 61 in Mitch Allen's Rough Cuts for me? I really don't understand the #{} notation or what listText and listTitle refer to.
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    I've struggled with this too. Looks like #{}'s are a place-holder for something, and are replaced with actual text content. Things like "listTitle" are class names that style the text/ graphics with CSS.

    This may not be very helpful, but hope others will clear things more throughly.
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    webOS widgets often use HTML fragments as templates. The words with the hash mark in front are replaced with fields from your model object... if it has "#data", then it would have the text from shown there at runtime.

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