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    Hey, I tried to impliment the one card per messaging changes in the pre dev wiki (pre dev wiki: New Cards For Each Messaging Conversation) and it wont work. I get a blank white screen when I launch the messaging program and cant find what I did wrong. Any one have the file /usr/palm/applications/ $available$ $that$ $they$ $could$ $email$ $me$ $to$ $replace$ $my$ $damaged$ $one$? $Thanks$. is the email. thanks
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    Or if anyone has the code that is in launchChatView function that would be great...
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    Never mind... found it in the webosdoctor
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    How do you find the code in the webos doctor?? I think I messed up some code for the camera app
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    Just start unzipping until you get to the Nova folder. That's basically organized like the Phone is from the inside.

    Sorry I don't remember the EXACT sequence cuz I did it a while ago, but start unzipping it (using WinRar... not sure about basic zip functionality) and then open up the Nova folder. Everything in there is exactly like going on "root" of your phone.

    Good Luck!

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