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    I'm a tinkerer who wants to build an app for WebOS. I taught myself HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and a bit of Javascript over the years and I now want to take this on.

    I have a 2005 Dell Windows XP machine and some time on my hands.

    What other inexpensive software resources would speed development of a relatively simple app that takes Website/RSS data and formats it within a Pre app? Oh, I might also need to link to the Nav/Google Maps apps.

    • Javascript resources/libraries/tools?
    • HTML resources/libraries/tools?
    • CSS resources/libraries/tools?

    I haven't built a site in a couple of years, so I know I'm behind, but I have a good idea and I think it would be fun. My app will be Mojo/WebOS specific for now, but if it's any good, I'll probably make an iPhone app too.

    Thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction.
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    I dunno about porting it over to iPhone and what not, but for Mojo, get Aptana. It's freeware, it has a Mojo plugin, and its REALLY easy to use, and very powerful. I use about 1/100th of the features it offers right now and its REALLY good.

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks. I've been searching around the WebOS dev site and found aptana. Where does Eclipse fit in to the process? Do I need it? Aptana sounds like the equivalent to dreamweaver that I used before.

    How long before you've got a simple "scene" going that shows "Hello World"?
    How long before you can pull data from another app/repository?

    Thanks in advance. Hopefully after I learn a bit, I can help others. That's what I did when I learned PHP.

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