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    Hi all,

    So I bit the bullet and got over the hesitation about rooting my Pre. I've been in UNIX environments a fair bit before, but it's been quite a number of years.

    Anyway, so I followed the rooting and "next steps" instructions as best I could, as documented here:
    pre dev wiki: Using Novaproxy to Gain Root Access
    pre dev wiki: Next Steps: Enable the Optware Package Feed

    Sir_Mycroft's post on installing Homebrew apps after 1.0.4 was also very helpful, mentioning as it does how to disconnect the Pre with details about stopping the Palm Novacom service that the PreDevWiki pages seem not to mention:

    So, above I say "as best I could", as I wasn't able to successfully test my ability to SSH into the Pre following either the dropbear install or the USBnet install.

    I did all that to install the homebrew app MyTether, which seems to work now, at least via WiFi (haven't tested USB tethering).

    My question is this...Now that I've done all that and taken my Pre out of dev mode--so, in most respects, having returned my Pre back to normal--a strange thing happens when I plug it into my Windows XP laptop and choose "Just Charge". My laptop mounts the Pre both as a USB drive and as a Palm Novacom device so that I now have those two devices in my Safely Remove Hardware system tray menu.

    That's not normal; when I've done "Just Charge" previously, the Laptop just doesn't list it as a USB device at all, right?

    On top of which...those two devices appear even if I stop the Palm Novacom service prior to plugging in Pre. (By the way, should I start that service if and only if I'm about to use the and putty (RAW) procedure to log in as root?)

    Can I get my Pre to "Just Charge" again without the other USB devices mounting? How? Would that cost me anything (in functionality/access gained via the rooting and next steps procedures)?

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