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    I have tried to use the CPU scaling mods a few different ways, and each time my EVDO stops working. I have followed the instructions on the predev wiki, used the git repo, and used the cpuspeed program, and each one of them has the same result.

    After some playing around with the phone when the EVDO is broken and using the "cpuspeed" program i have found out a few interesting things:

    When i ran "ifconfig ppp0" it responds with "device not found". I'm no expert on unix devices so im not sure where to go to next.

    The way i thought i fixed Scaling+EVDO was to turn off USBNET. For a second it seemed fixed, but it was not. When the pre turned on, EVDO would connect, but as soon as the screen turned off the cpu speed program changed the cpu frequency, and EVDO would stop working.

    I wont have any time to play with it this weekend, but next week i'll be able to play around with different settings. I would like to see if i can make the cpuspeed program only work at 500 and 550 Mhz. If EVDO works with those, then i will lower the minimum speed a step a time until i find the problem frequency. If EVDO does not work at even 500/550 then i'm assuming there is some settings conflict between the data radio and the cpu scaling.

    Notable Pre mods: rooted/dyndns/ssh to evdo/sftp/git/quilt/my teather app
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    You're not alone. I got so tired of always having to partial erase or webos doctor my pre that its stock now...

    Just waiting for things to either 1: get ironed out, or 2: official stuff to come forth.

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