I was poking around in the filesystem, and found that in /usr/bin/, there are some interesting commands. There are touchpanel_control and touchpanel-measure. Running touchpanel-measure tells you the sensitivity of your panel, the noise in your panel, and more interestingly, it tells you the noise and touch thresholds, which must be set in a file somewhere.
I haven't yet found where that is, but I'm looking, so that we can maybe adjust things. I thought I'd post this up so that anybody else can look for it if they want, or in case somebody knows more about it than I.

the touchpanel_control setting has 4 options, 2 of which are used by touchpanel-measure to capture the data. Then there are options to turn on or off "wake on touch", but I don't know what that means. It certainly doesn't wake your device from sleep when it's touched, at least in the little trial I did. If you enable "wot", however, the touchpanel-measure executable won't work correctly.