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    I'm trying to figure how to make two menuCommand buttons behave like toggle buttons, leaving one pushed and the other not by default. Here is my code (of course, not toggle buttons right now:

    .storyMenuAttr ={items:[{visible:false},{items:[]},{visible: false}]};
    this.storyMenuAttr.items[1].items.push({label:'PILOTOS', command:'do-viewPilotos'});
    this.storyMenuAttr.items[1].items.push({label:'ESCUDERIAS', command:'do-viewEscuderias'});
    /*this.storyMenuAttr.items[1].items.push({icon: "forward", command: 'do-viewNext'});*/
    /*this.controller.setupWidget(Mojo.Menu.commandMenu, undefined, this.storyMenuAttr);*/
    .controller.setupWidget(Mojo.Menu.commandMenu,this.attributes ={spacerHeight:0, menuClass:'palm-menu-fade'},this.storyMenuAttr);
    Some help here, please? I'm not a JavaScript programmer, just a bit of VBNet and HTML, so this things, that look like obvious, aren't so for people like me.
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    Forget it, I jus't donīt know how to read...

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