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    I don't understand this? I tried signing up and this is what I got:


    Palm(TM) Profile

    Palm webOSdev: Complete Community Registration


    Dear developer:

    Many thanks for registering to join the webOSdev Community, the online meeting place for the worldwide webOS developer community. To complete the registration, click the following link, or copy and paste the URL below into the address field in your browser:

    ***ALERT: An HTML email account is required to complete this stage of registration. Please return to webOSdev to re-submit using a different email account.***

    On the page that appears, you'll be able to select a user name and password as a final step to joining the community.

    Thanks again for registering, and we look forward to seeing you at webOSdev.


    The Palm Developer Relations Team

    how the hell do I know I don't have HTML email account? What do they want? Palm, what is your problem?
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    did you use a google, hotmail, yahoo etc type email. Perhaps they require an email from your own domain. You could try using the email address that you got with your internet connection and see if that works?

    I applied using my own domain and I'll let you know in a few minutes what results I get.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vandi View Post
    how the hell do I know I don't have HTML email account? What do they want? Palm, what is your problem?
    I got this reply when using a gmail account. I tried both a (which redirects to my gmail) and a address and both of those worked. Palm is clearly being retarded here. There is no such thing as a HTML email account. Email servers deal with text, it's the email clients that interpret that text as HTML.

    I signed up with my account and now I can't change my email address (there seems to be no profile editing function). Boo.
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    I got in with my business email
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    I used my Google account, but I originally signed up in the Early Access Program using my office Exchange email.
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    I signed up lastnight @ 1am using my gmail and it worked fine no errors
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    I tried my comcast email, and was frustrated by the same error message that the original poster got.
    I tried my gmail and it activated with no problem.
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    What the heck is an "HTML Email account"? I try to view the message in HTML mode (as opposed to plain text) and the warning is still there. The heck?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zorinlynx View Post
    What the heck is an "HTML Email account"?
    I get the impression that they want you to register by giving an account ending in @hotmail or @gmail or other web-based Email.

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