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  • Just what I needed!

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  • Not going to use it.

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    Just curious about how developers feel about the dcoumentation released with the Mojo SDK. Is it just what you were looking for, not enough, or not going to incorporate it?
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    It seems to be a good consolidation of all the documentation that's out right now, but personally, I have yet to find the answer for a question I haven't asked on the forums yet... but was trying to look up as much myself before I bother other people with.

    : /
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    I'm just curious how much useful info people gained from getting this new info.
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    I know SirataXero is talking about. i am trying to figure out the Accelerometer and I can't find anything in the documentation or on precentral.
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    The documentation is alright but there is a vast amount of information that still needs to be added. I'm guessing they will just add more documentation as time goes on. I can't complain since they released the SDK today instead of at the end of summer.
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    Anyone else try going to the site with their Pre? It would be nice if Palm's site reformatted the site based on the webOS browser's user agent string so that the site would be more easily viewed on their device w/o a lot of zooming in. That way a person could read the documentation or forums while away from a desktop (on a bus, riding an exercise bike, waiting for someone at a cafe, etc.).

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