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    Hi all,

    I'm Canadian and don't have a Pre.

    This is making my developments difficult. I'm working on a few things at once (won't go into detail yet). However, some of my stuff doesn't like the emulator too much (long story).

    So I'm looking for a handful of testers.

    - Rooted Pre with basic ssh usage known
    - IM contact which you frequently use (I'll need to do a lot a testing this way)

    Please contact me at ASAP if you're interested.
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    what features are you trying to test that do not work on the emulator?
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    Mainly custom services, though a few non-emulator things too
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    I believe rwhitby from webos-internals was able to get the emulator to load custom services.
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    I'll need to contact him then. Thanks for the tip

    Still, I do need testers for some of the non-service-based apps
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    I'd be happy to help where I can.
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    I can definitly test for you my gmail is davidanthonywales and aim is sloppyjm
    Contact me if ud like to test also i have unlimited callign to canada on my homephone

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