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    I'm showing "File not found" at this url, and eclipse says there is nothing there when I try to add it as a source.

    Anyone else having problems getting the eclipse plug-in? That's really what I've been wanting, some sense of an IDE tuned for webOS.
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    I got the same error when trying to install the plug-in. Maybe palm is giving all its throughput to everyone downloading the sdk?
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    File not found.

    I hope this is available tonight, so I can possibly ditch my custom shell scripts to remove, package, install, and launch... or maybe my scripts are better... doubtful.
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    Response about this in the Palm Developer Forums:

    Thanks. Were working to fix that link.

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    Don't mean to highjack the thread but anyone have the palm-novacom for GNU/Linux ? (Ubuntu) The link is dead on their website.
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    That one worked for me...thanks zhackwyatt!
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    For some reason that plugin is not working for me...when I try to create a new Webos Application hit file new project, select webos project and hit next and that is were it tells me "you need to enter a project name" but theirs no place to enter the name in...usually other projects like android do that on the next step.

    Anyone else have this issue?
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    The new plugin link is giving me the same error message that the old one did - "Repository not found". Removing and re-adding the site doesn't work, nor does reinstalling the entire Eclipse program.

    My browser's finding and opening the site.xml page fine, but Eclipse can't see it for some reason.
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    I completely closed out of Eclipse then got back in and it would then accept the URL.
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    The latest URL,, isn't working for me. I'm getting the "Repository not found" error. Anyone know the correct URL?
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    Hmm.. strange. I tried the URL without the https and used http instead and it didn't work this afternoon.

    However, I just tried it again and it's working now. Oh well. Thanks!

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