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    (More of a mod/tweak than a dev thing, moderators, feel free to move this where appropriate?)

    This was my ocd obsession, and finally, with pointers to searching file text via irc's webos-internals (thx guys!) I slowly found the file containing the verbage that's inserted in those links that you can send from the Pre's "Share" menu in the browser:

    the file location:
    find the text:

    var msg = $L('Hey you gotta check out ') + '<a href="' + this.currentUrl + '">' + this._getDisplayTitle() + '</a>';
    Personally I hate sending cookie-cutter messages to friends, even if I do really like a page. It's as obscure a thing as I can think of, but it really bugged me.

    And, editing the message every time I wanted to send something was a pain in the patoot. This was pretty easy to change with vi or nano; just, as always, copy/backup this file before editing.
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