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    I've seen many homebrew applications that are getting close to being release ready for the AppCatalog, but many developers don't have the option to upload them to the Catalog without being a early-access developer.

    I am here to help. If you need help with getting your app to Palm, you can do it through my company, Delicious Morsel.

    We will be accepting applications that will be FREE (currently only free) with ads or not. We will only be accepting apps that don't fall in line with the fart apps of the world. We also will help with any apps that are showing promise but need help with either design or development.

    We will be releasing our first batch of application later this month, one being Twee [see here].

    Happy coding.

    Email dennis[at] for more information.
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    So you are helping them get in the Catalog? Are you an early access developer?
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    Couple questions.

    Is your company going to be taking on the support? Is your company going to be owning the rights to the app? Is your company going to be just distributing the apps or are they going to take on any further development of the apps?

    I think your "publisher" company is a great idea, and one that I've personally thought about, but there's some legal and responsibility questions that needs to be ironed out.
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    I am an early access dev, not that that matters now since the SDK is openly available.

    My company would take on support but most requests would be forwarded to the appropriate developer.
    The developer would retain all rights to his code.
    We will be developing many more apps.
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    I too am/was an Early Access Developer, but far as I know, App Catalog submissions only start in Fall. Thus I assume DeliciousMorsel will be adding apps in Fall. Am I correct eekfuh?

    If so, does that mean DeliciousMorsel just does app error-checking and checks the app follows Palm's recommended guidelines? And I assume DeliciousMorsel writes up and app description and get screenshots for the App Catalog when public submissions start?

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