This sounds like the perfect home brew application - activate browser zoom scale!! Please somebody crank this one out!! Thanks, Kevin.

From another post: After going to the nytimes mobile site, AND turning to landscape and back to portrait, type in, or use your bookmark. The Pre browser remembers the zoom scale of the previous site you visited, and you can now read the Post in a much larger font than it usually renders on the Pre. It won't work if you start a new card. You must type in address or use your bookmark on the same page as nytimes.

These sites also are rendered larger once you have gone first to and turned the Pre to landscape and back. Turning to landscape is only necessary once when at the nytimes. These other sites may then be visited one after the other (in no particular order of course), and read in portrait mode only (although I much prefer landscape due to the even larger font and the page down gesture).