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    Just got the SDK access and since I already am familiar with Aptana I installed the eclipse plugin to Aptana and all seems good. I can create a Palm project and it gives me the skeleton.

    Not sure if anyone else has gone this route but wanted to check. There is no perspective for WebOS/Palm so it seems that all the plugin will actually do is let you create a new project with the default skeleton layout. Is that correct ? There's no console either so in order to create a scene, etc then I need to shell to DOS in order to perform these actions.

    So, my question is am I missing something with the plugin or is that all it does, let you create a skeleton project and run the project in the SDK.

    Really like Aptana but would be nice to have a WebOS perspective like the Ruby on Rails one

    Will have some fun playing around with the SDK and seeing what I can come up with.
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    Yep. The main feature is that it will let you package and run your app directly to the emulator or a phone in developer mode. Still, it is quite convenient to be able to just press the run button instead of having to run everything from the command prompt. The code formatting is also nice.
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    Blubble, yup, agree with your comments. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Now, I just need to carve out enough free time to see what apps I can produce ... ROFL.

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