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    Earlier today I couldn't find a link to that app installer so I decided to make a simple IDE/installer. It requires the SDK but has a little built in Project Browser that shows all of your files in the project and allows you to look at all the text files. It also has buttons that automatically Package and Install the application to whatever Pre is connected (USB or the Emulator). When it is done installing it closes the NovacomD service. I hope this is helpful to someone, I installed my first app to my Pre with it so I know it works.

    I am sure there are a bunch of bugs as I only tested for a little bit. Whatever suggestions you have just them in here. I realize its extremely simple but I plan to improve on it later.

    Picture and download link are attached

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    Wow, simple app to make but quite handy, thanks
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    Good work. Now all we need is an installer on the device.
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    All in good time ipodtouch12345
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    "Recycle Bin -" in your project folder (meaning it gets built into your .ipk) made me LOL
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    Great Job looks like you using c# or some sort of .NET programming there's a few color syntax libs out there you can use for the program..
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    this looks neat and compact, Thanks!! Will test it tonight.
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    Looks grest! THANKS!
    SCK Manager
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    This is great, but in a month or two, everyone will have access to the full Mojo plugin for Eclipse IDE. This allows you to package and run your apps directly on your phone with a single button. Still, good work.
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    Well I have been working on the program some more I have have an updated version.

    Saving Files
    View Images
    Syntax Highlighting for HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript. (is that it?)

    Not Done:
    Most Toolbar Buttons
    More features that I need people to tell me to add

    Hope you enjoy the new version. I know its going to be replaced with the official SDK release but its just a temporary tool.

    I would post my email so that people could email me any problem or suggestions but just post them I guess.


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    Does not appear to work on Windows 7, 64 bit. As soon as you try to start, it dies. Just says: PreIDE has stopped working. Windows is looking for a solution.
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    do you have the .Net framework 2.0 installed. I feel like it should work anyway.
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    Yeah, 2.x and 3.x are installed. Have the SDK installed as well. It could be something funky with Windows 7.
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    I am putting it back up. can I have some other people test it out? just tell me what OS you are using. I tested it on a couple Vista PCs and it worked fine.
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    You are a god! Thank you so much for this! I did find one issue. I am currently using this on a netbook with 1024 x 600 resolution (don't ask). If I maximize the app, I cannot see the package and install buttons. I can get to them by tabbing, though. I think the text field on the right needs to resize with window size change so that the buttons can move accordingly. Anyway, thanks again!
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    I completely forgot to change how it view maximized. I can upload a change in a few minutes. Good call, tell me of any more issues you have.

    Should resize and Maximize as expected.
    Closes NovacomD Service when you close preIDE so that you can "Safely Remove Hardware" and disconnect the Pre
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    FYI-Your first release, at the top of this thread, works fine. Must be something with the dll's you included. I am guessing they are the syntax highlighters.
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    they are but it seems to work for some people and not for others. do you have 64 bit, maybe that has something to do with it?
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    Hmmm.... maximize still doesnt do anything. buttons are inaccessible. Maybe they could be added as options under the file menu? I am running XP, btw. Screen res is 1024x600

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