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    What are the different type of scripts can a developer make apps in? Most importantly can you develop apps in C+? I know you can make apps in HTML and Java Script but nether are real good for making real good apps. If those are the only ones, do you think Palm will be releasing different APIs that will allow development in C+ or better development in C+? I have heard all the hype of how it is a great idea that it will be easy to develop for Mojo but will we be able to develop well?
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    All ya got is Javascript, HTML5 and CSS. Mojo is a framework of stuff that is callable from javascript. The API's (yet to be released) should allow us a certain amount of access to the hardware functions.

    Having said that, it's a Linux platform under the covers and someone's gonna stuff other languages onto it.
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    Programmers familiar with C++ and other OOP languages will want to look into Prototype. It is a framework that extends javascript. It is integrated into the WebOS/Mojo framework.

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