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    Hi all,
    I am trying the following:
    I am using the drop down list widget populated with different choices. As soon as you make a choice, I have another drop down list widget on the same screen that gets populated depending on the choice made in the first drop down.

    I have the arrays and drop down working. I can find the value of the item when picked in the first list but I am unable to have the second list change depending on the first one.

    Any help appreciated.
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    Hi PRE vision,
    Are you updating the second list's model after the you have found the value on the first list?
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    Yes, thats my goal.
    For example, you could have 2 choices on the first one: Salty Food, Sweet Food
    If you choose Salty Food, the second drop down is populated with choices related to Salty Food (Nachos, Fries, etc...) Sorry stupid example
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    Are you sure an exception is not being thrown somewhere?
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    I don't see anything
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    could you post your code?
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    haha i am real hungry right now, sound like a good example to me

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