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    Hi guys First off I wanted to tell you all that I think your doing excellent work on the homebrew for the Pre.

    I just had a question for all the developers here......

    How hard would it be to convert games from say one of these Nintendo DS developers on to the Pre?? There are a ton of games and stuff and there developers seem pretty laid back and cool about sharing code.

    I'm not sure how the whole thing works but I know there are allot of internal rules on stealing stuff and credits etc..... also would it be more politically correct to ask them to join our crew of developers over here or port over some stuff??

    I was playing my DS this morning and thinking to myself man I would love to have a few of these games on my phone. And I do not mind asking npeople but I wanted to know if its even possible???
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    I would LOVE to see this aswell. But better yet (IMHO) a SNES and NES emu withouth the classic workaround. If anyone got a N64 emu working i would love them forever. If i could play 007 Goldeneye on my pre i would never set it down. Best game of all time!
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    I kniow a few guys from GBAtemp (I miss bonemonkey) I can see if they could find anything for us
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    I'm not talking about emulators because then we get into the realm of whats legal and whats not (Believe me I would love a SNES Emu as much as the next guy but I know even the mention of it is some places can get you banned) I'm mainly talking about those guys who post tons of home brew games and apps on there or those guys who enter the drunken coders contests. There catalogs are massive and if even a couple ported there stuff over to the pre it would help tons on getting a nice huge selection.
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    before they can port to the pre, the predev team needs to finish documenting the plugin graphics interface.

    Right now, they've managed to make a plugin that allows them to draw on the screen in a mojo app with native code, but the process of blitting it etc is non-trivial. They're getting there.

    You might pop over to and look at the page on plugins and see how far along they are. But there's no point in trying to port nes apps until that's done.
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    Cool I didn't know what needed to be done I'm a bit new to some of this advance dev stuff. But I'm starting to learn bits and pieces.
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    I'll throw down my vote for a SNES emulator! I finally hacked my Wii with HomeBrew and got the emulator working on it, if I had it on my Pre too, that'd rock!

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