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    This may be a very stupid question and if so i aplogize, but there seems to be several talented and knowledgeable people here.

    I see tons of homebrew apps popping up now.. and also tons of modifications you can do to the phone, WITH ROOTING required.

    I have not rooted my pre, 1 because I'm lazy, 2 because I'm not 100% comfortable doing it.

    Is it possible to create a home brew app to mod things that normally require rooting? for example forwarding txts, showing character count, etc.

    An app called "Pre Mods" or something, that allowed you to toggle those type of things.

    Again, maybe theres a reason that cant be done, but maybe it can. If its possible, has anyone thought of doing it yet? OR maybe someone working on it?

    Seeing the new app for windows installer made me think that something like this has got to be possible!!
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    I remember back in the nextel days we did something like this with the codeplug patcher and webjal.
    I guess a better question would be can someone write a simple installer that has a "script" to run novacom as well as all the putty commands with ssh to root the pre. Than login using putty and using an sh script like the one posted here to download a checklist of all the patches
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    Chances are that you won't messup anything on your Pre. Rooting your Pre will never messup your Pre. If you do messup your Pre it will be when trying to tweak something and messing up the script in a file. The tweaks like forwarding messages will never messup your Pre, especially when you use the easy copy paste scripts from 'PartyMan' like So if you don't want to mess up anything just don't atempt anything that requires any tampering with files. Read though them and if they talk about anything like .jsjsjs $files$ $or$ $using$ $a$ $vi$ $command$ $don$'$t$ $do$ $them$.
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