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    I am a total noob to Linux. But I want to try tethering on the Pre badly enough to endure some pain. Worst case, I hope to just run WebOSDoctor and start over.

    I was able to 'Gain Root' via Novaproxy using the directions on the wiki - sorry, I guess I can't post a link yet.

    But when I tried the next step - (Optware Package Feed) sorry again, can't link - I got stuck on step 4 (unpacking the Optware package). Perhaps worse, I kept at it until I was tired to the verge of stupidity. I went to bed without turning off developer mode (did it this morning).

    Hopefully I can learn enough Linux to find where I went wrong, but what I really want to know is:

    1. Did leaving the Pre in Developer Mode after rooting leave the phone exposed to the internet and unprotected?
    2. Am I still unprotected since I never got to the parts where I create a new user and install software for secure access?

    It's going to take some pain to get to where I'd like to be with this system and I guess it started last night! Thanks in advance for any help.
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    1. Yes, enabling developer mode is theoretically bad for you and leaves you unprotected since it takes down the Pre's firewall

    2. If you didn't disable developer mode, then yes, you are still unprotected

    When you create the secure user, you are making it so that you can connect via SSH wirelessly instead of having to connect via USB with developer mode.
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    Thanks. I did disable development mode, just not until the morning. I think that next time I'll put it into "airplane mode" while I'm in with the USB.

    I realize this is a judgment call, but does anyone think that leaving it like that (rooted and in development mode) overnight argues for a precautionary clear & reload?
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    Who on earth would know that you left it in that state to try to hack you?
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    If you've already gained root, you're just a few lines of code away from having the My Tether app...

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