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    Mark yesterday as the day that the Pre officailly matched the number one most popular iPhone Application!

    And when you see it, we think that you will agree that the Pre does not just match Apple in this most important technology but surpasses it.

    We are of course referring to...

    PreBrewFarts v0.1.5

    Yes! The Pre can now fart with the best of them thanks to faithful developer CTL Advance.

    It has been esitmated that approximately 55,000 of the 60,000 iPhone apps are based on the all important farting technologies.

    Now our Pre's can fart with the best of them. CTL Advance has brought the iPhone's killer app to the Pre!

    Pre owners, now you can proudly go to your offices, schools, and bars. Walk right up to your iPhone friends and show them that you now have their most important app.

    Mark it down. July 12, 2009 was the day that the Pre matched the iPhone's most popular apps.

    Seriously if you have not been watching the Homebrew Revolution, check it out.

    The applications are now pouring in. The developers are working so fast with user feedback that updates are coming in hours instead of months.

    If you have never installed a Homebrew app, have no fear, just follow the steps here:

    A Simple How-to Guide for getting homebrew apps onto your Pre
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    lol... exactly. A moment to be celebrated not *****ed and whined about.

    IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT DOWNLOAD IT. It's like a child you can keep it away from any filth you'd like to, just don't let it go out into the world to explore
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    i quite enjoy the pre fart app, it makes my girlfriend laugh

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