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    Suddenly I cannot install any homebrew apps to my Pre

    developer mode enabled
    in usb drive mode
    have the SDK installed
    all drivers installed
    running Windows 7

    the palm-install bat file can connect to the device, and I can drop a list of currently installed apps with palm-install -d usb -l

    But when I try to install any app (tetris, paint, dot game, etc.), I keep getting "palm-install: file open failed"

    I already have the translator and my notifications apps installed, so I know it was working at one point at least.

    Tried several different apps and keep getting the same error.

    This is driving me nuts, any ideas?
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    I have 1.0.4 and have no problem installing test versions of the app I am developing. You're probably getting a path wrong.
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    Had the same problem here to. I fixed it by going to the services.msc program and right click-restart. It worked for mw. When drag-drop the ipk into the bat file does the command prompt box appear, does nothing, then does 1 line of code then quickly exits?
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    Unfortunately restarting the Palm Novacom service via services.msc didn't help. Tried rebooting my pc and the phone several times.

    I guess i'll have to try it on my computer at work.
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    Don't know if you ever solved it, but this happened to me for one panicked day. After deleting homebrew and App Cat apps that were downloaded and never used I regained the ability to reinstall again.
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    I thought that the SDK didn't work under Windows 7?
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    I've heard of other people using it, but they had a harder time getting it working.
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    I had exactly the same symptoms as jp22382 in the original post and finally figured it out. I am posting it here in the hope that it will help someone else (apologies if it mentioned elsewhere - I didn't find the solution anywhere else).

    I too could list apps with "palm-install -d usb -l" but got "palm-install: file open failed" when attempting to install apps. Turned out the problem was that I was choosing "USB drive" when I plugged in the Pre. If I choose "Just Charge" the apps install with no problem. Go figure.
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    Thanks Precalculus, your solution worked for me.

    I had the error:
    palm-install: Command: put file:///media/internal/.developer/com.mystuff.hello_1.0.0_all.ipk Reply:file open failed

    Choosing "Just Charge" when connecting the Palm Pre instead of "USB drive" worked.

    Some information on the USB drive from webos internals site.
    The kernel automagically unmounts /media/internal whenever you plug in a USB cable and choose to sync music or files...and in our case deploying applications.

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