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    Okay, as some of you have seen, I have created a GUI for app installation on the pre for windows...

    I have many expanding plans, described in this post:

    But I can't do this alone, its too much to take on...

    If anyone wants to talk, and maybe help out, reply...
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    Im an experienced WPF/C# programmer.
    Developer of:

    Discuss my apps in my developer forum
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    Well, although I'm only 14, I've been programming since 11, started out simple in visual basic, and now am quite familiar with advanced VBVBVB $programming$ $and$ $even$ $some$ $c$++...

    I learned through game hacking, so my engine reversing skills are also decent..

    If you wanna hop aboard the project, let me know.

    Oh, and just to mention because of your signature, I love making trance/techno songs in fruity loops

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