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    I'm taking this down, feedback has made me realize a few things...
    It might go back up, but probably not for a bit while I work on the repository system..

    Thanks for support precentral, hope to be back soon.
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    Oh my god!! Me love you long time!!!
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    I will try it out next time I boot into windows. Good post though, very thorough!
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    I get a CRC error when trying to extract the rar.

    EDIT: Disregard. Firefox decided to kill the download midway through, so I didnt have the whole file.
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    Thanks guys, just to let you know, the whole situation of not-so tech-savy people wanting to install homebrew apps to their pre, and the kindly-posted command line tool of greg_roll has inspired me to start programming again

    I'm only 14 so I'm still learning, but this will be fun to expand on, enjoy it guys, and the real thanks goes out to greg_roll, I just simplified it.
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    Hm, it didnt install the app on my phone.

    I have a stock Pre with dev mode enabled, but I have no Solitaire right now like I should have.

    Also, this program needs to be run as Administrator on Vista/7, otherwise it gives permissions errors.
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    Wow, great job... That will help a lot of people who are having trouble installing apps.. GREAT JOB, looks awesome and very easy. Great instructions as well..
    Remember, this is my opinion ! We all have a right to our own.....

    Treo's 650-800..NOW,
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    I made a torrent for it for those that want to download it faster. Just unzip the torrent file and open it.
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    Just so I'm clear: does this GUI eliminate the need for VirtualBox and the SDK download?
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    @Sunsparc - go into services and check if "Palm Novacom" is running, or something along those lines..

    If it is, stop, then start it again.

    @Bujin, yes, it does... still need dev mode enabled though.
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    Novacomd.exe is running.
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    I really don't know the problem sunsparc :/

    Maybe someone else with a little more knowledge of this could shine some light on the subject? lol
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    Wow. thx very much for this. I look forward to trying it out when I get home. I am not very tech savy so I hope this helps me iron things out. thanks again.
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    It's not that big of a problem. I just havent rooted this Pre since I exchanged out my old one.

    Once I root it again, I'll be installing with ipkg.
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    I love you!
    Only problem for some people might be how big the file is.
    Luckily the host is fast and it downloaded quickly for me.

    Anyway, thanks again!

    Edit: The other method is great, but I feel as if it requires much more work.
    This looks very simple and easy to use.
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    Nooooo problemmmmm.
    Remember, the thanks go to greg_roll.

    Enjoy... PLEASE give your input of what you want added.
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    very nice, now if we can just get a repository on the pre itself
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    I am going to work on developing the packaging system for developers to package their downloads, then upload them to my web server...

    It will also allow for adding of custom repositories...

    The application will then load all apps uploaded to all your repositories...
    It will allow for downloading of apps straight from the repo to your computer...
    Hopefully I will also be able to check for updates on already downloaded apps through the packaging system which include various file information..

    From there, it will be much easier for someone create an app catelog for homebrew applications on the pre, although it will still be a challenge, and something I myself will not be able to do..
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    Heres another mirror:
    Pre App Installer
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    very cool. sdk works fine but like this simple solution for the n00bs hahah
    SCK Manager
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