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    Hey all,

    Found this little tidbit and thought I'd throw it up for all of you sweet devs out there. Here are links to two files that these lovely guys put together of all of the GUI components that make up the pre for your modding pleasure.

    The files aren't very large but you can respectively go to this site and download them. They are in .PSD format which is for photoshop.

    Enjoy all!


    teehan+lax Blog Archive Palm Pre GUI PSD

    Download Links:


    EDIT: Also realized that GIMP the free Photoshop alternative opens .PSD files.

    If you want gimp, heres the link for that:

    ...and with some digging. Here is the font:

    Viewable at:
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    Bummer that they removed the Coconut font. Would love to get my hands on that
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    Awesome. Thanks!

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