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    My wife has an Instinct phone and I the Pre.... the one thing I really love about her phone is the Voicemail App... It allows her to scroll, pause, rewind, and jump to any voicemail... she physically can see the different voicemails categorized by date and caller or phone number.

    I am not a programmer but would love to know if Palm or PreCentral could create such an App for the Pre! Anyone know if this is in the works? Anyone else would be interested in this App?
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    FYI this is called visual voicemail - search the forum and you'll find plenty of discussion.
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    It is in the works from 3rd party. I had the Instinct and really liked it , it was great for voice memos as well
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    Visual Voicemail! hum..... well, whatever it is called... I LOVE it and do hope it is developed. I will search the forum for more information... Thanks!
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    These people are working on it.

    PhoneFusion | Products for Individuals

    Expect it shortly after the SDK goes official as last I heard they were yet to be accepted into the program.
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    I LOVED VVM on my instinct, was one of the best features. I only get about 1-2 vm a week tho so no biggie...
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