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    Hi, anyone have a simple example of setting up/populating a filter list widget with data from a successful ajax/depot/some asynchronous call they'd be open to sharing? Specifically where the call and the widget setup happen within the same assistant. I am having trouble for some reason with the filter list and doing this. (Or maybe there is more intelligent way to always be doing this.)

    Thanks for any help, hopefully I am being clear. I'll keep looking through existing apps...
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    hmm... looking at the roughtcuts the way to go about this might be to put the depot call code in a model...
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    Still having trouble with this if anyone has dealt with the issue and can offer some insight...

    It seems if I try to setup my filter list as part of a successful ajax/depot (asynchronous) call then the filter list does not instantiate. If I instantiate the filter list on Assistant.prototype.setup() then the filter list is created BUT because the data from the call is asynchronous its not available to the filter list at that moment. I do not understand how to then update the filter list with the data when it the data is ready... its not like the regular list where you just update the model.

    Hopefully making some sense, thanks for any help.
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    Well if it ever helps anyone in the future... Actually on success you simply setup your data and then you do just update the model.

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