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    What to do if putty shuts down after doing the setting all to force off and after putting localhost and 8032 in? cause nothing seems to happen for me
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    8032 or 8023?
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    same still shuts down...i got to about the tenth step in the optware package than all went downhill from it wont let me get in
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    anyway to reset and start oveR?>lol its not loooking good
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    Huh? how have you got to the 10th step in the optware package if you haven't even got putty to connect yet?
    You're talking about this right?

    pre dev wiki: Next Steps: Enable the Optware Package Feed
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    yeaa i did before but than it shut down(i didnt tell you that i already started the procesz) but after the 10th step just backfired putty hasnt connected since and i tried everything..
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    i actually now get now "connection closed by host" and "network error: connection refused"

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