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    Does the browser support any html5 <audio> tags or embeded sounds? Even a mid would be fine. can somebody test this on their pre. Im trying it on the emulator but I cant get it to play any sounds.

    I need this to add sound to the tetris game im developing

    Thank you!
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    The Pre does support audio objects. I have written a full music player for the Pre. However, the emulator does not currently support audio.

    Look at the Services sample app included in the SDK for an example of how to use an audio object.
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    As a heads up, when doing this, make sure you include the Audio object jsjsjs $file$ $in$ $your$ $index$.$html$ $or$ $you$'$ll$ $get$ $an$ $error$.

    <script src="/usr/palm/frameworks/media/Audio.jsjsjs&$quot$; $type$=&$quot$;$text$/$javascript$&$quot$; $x$-$mojo$-$version$=&$quot$;$1$&$quot$;&$gt$;&$lt$;/$script$&$gt$;

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